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24 March, 2018

Providing "one-stop services" that help clients cross the bridge from learning the language to applying it to everyday use

A special type of "one-stop services" that will cater to language learners of various languages will be offered through OutGoing Learning Experience through its new partnership with The Power of English Communication, a San Francisco based education consulting company with a strong presence in the Spanish market for over 10 years.

Cristina Ayson, founder of TPOEC has offered educational classes, exam reviews, mentoring advice and other services to its´ international clients. Cristina will assume the Program Director position creating relevant experiences for learners who can use their language effectively and efficiently.

Jorge Melar founded Outgoing Learning Experience company in 2013 with the vision to provide reliable study abroad programs for Spanish learners to allow them to apply for internships, and for some, the ability to attend a university in the U.S. These two dynamic entrepreneurs have joined efforts with clear and distinctive key areas to offer their clients.

About OutGoing Learning Experience

OutGoing is a place where you can learn how to use English effortlessly, not to mention understanding the inherent value of this lingua franca. This "one-stop service" provider sets OutGoing apart from the brick and mortar of a typical language academy. This collaboration in the language education sector spans over 12 years of combined experience and will help clients cross the bridge from learning the language to applying it to real-world environments.

Their slogan "Communicate with the World" says it all. Their dynamic offerings include; In Company Business Presentation Workshop for executives, a vibrant ONLINE classes with 85% speaking practice for the learner alongside a professional teacher, a social event “Table for 6" that revolves around food, new friends, and conversation, amongst others.

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