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27 November, 2018

Priceless and Timeless Christmas Gift

Here comes Santa Claus... right down Santa Claus lane with his huge bag of gifts for children of all ages. We open our gifts, we love it and then we toss it away after a few years because it no longer serves its' purpose and it is soon forgotten.

Social media, fast technology and global movement have moved our world faster than ever. The one link that helps us navigate this movement is our knowledge of the English language. Traditional classroom learning is no longer cutting it. We now have to complement this form of study with technology based on online learning.

This Christmas think of a small priceless and timeless gift. What comes to to mind is this gift called "language learning" for your kids and for that special person in your life.

Surely no one can argue that this is a gift that keeps on giving. No one can steal it, you have it for life and if used efficiently, it can pave for a bright future.

Imagine having an actual conversation with a native speaker talking about many things. You are no longer doing grammar exercises and sweating over boring homework. You are using your language skill in real conversation, no matter how simple; at least in the beginning and in the long run you can become fluent in this language.

Language learning after all is about verbal communication. Add the availability of classroom technology via videos, Skype and others. You can be anywhere around the world and improve your English fluency in the convenience of your home, in a coffee shop or even when you are on the road whether for work or a holiday.

So this Christmas, why not invest in this small gift of speaking and language improvement. An hour a week, for the next three months or longer, and see how your time can be utilized at best. After all, you normally spend plenty of hours watching netflix, sharing photos on instagram, texting, tweeting, etc.

Time is a limited commodity and using it wisely for personal improvement is a priceless investment that will serve well in the future.

This year give the gift of "Outgoing Online Conversational Class".

"Christmas gift - Skype classes for learners of the English language". Skype classes are available from December to the end of March 2020, time of classes can be an hour per week or whatever time is convenient in your calendar. Additional information, email Cristina at cris547@yahoo.com or send WhatsApp message at (34) 633875236.

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