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27 November, 2018

Priceless and Timeless Christmas Gift

Here comes Santa Claus... right down Santa Claus lane with his huge bag of gifts for children of all ages. We open our gifts, we love it and then we toss it away after a few years because it no longer serves its' purpose and it is soon forgotten. Social media, fast technology and global movement have moved our world...

30 May, 2018

A Fun Business English Communication Workshop

Spend one Saturday, three hours, 160 minutes to polish and practice your English, while building new connections and creating a priceless experience.   Polish your delivery on presentation, make yourself easily understandable, appear confident asking relevant questions, collaborate in pairs and group, and come...

24 March, 2018

Providing "one-stop services" that help clients cross the bridge from learning the language to applying it to everyday use

A special type of "one-stop services" that will cater to language learners of various languages will be offered through OutGoing Learning Experience through its new partnership with The Power of English Communication, a San Francisco based education consulting company with a strong presence in the Spanish market for...

2 December, 2018

How Effective are you in Conferences using Business English?

Where would be a good platform to test your Business English? There is a gamut of ways, places and avenues to see if you are truly able to communicate effectively in English. Attend a conference and observe the presentations of world leaders, experts, guru or a short presentation on various topics. If you are the...

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