Are you ready to communicate with the world?

The real voyage of discovery consists of having a voice that can be heard and a language that can be understood.


About OutGoing

A team of avid learners, we have learned that communication in whatever language is relevant in this digital age.
Reach Out to Others, Understand, Collaborate and Facilitate meaningful communication. We want you to go out there and communicate with the world.

Outgoing Learning Experience

A Unique Educational Provider that allows the speaker of another language to improve and apply the language learned and to have a clear understanding on how to valuably utilize the language.

Learning a language is truly relevant in many facets of our lives. Languages can be utilized in an educational capacity, travel and cultural adventure, employment purpose, professional affiliation or other areas where one can effectively communicate with the world. It can be experienced in various areas such as, study abroad, internships, volunteer work, ERASMUS program, community outreach, research work and many others.

The idea is to simply "go out there and communicate with the world”

Our Mission

Successful communication goes beyond words. It is about relationships and how to get along with people.
It is crucial to be heard, to get your point across, as well as, to understand attitudes and identities for an effective cross-cultural relations.
It is important to be understood!


To enable you to achieve personal, academic or business success by utilizing your knowledge of languages, especially the English language


To give you the confidence you need to communicate with the English world at large


To create a comfortable environment where you can speak and articulate yourself effectively


To show you how to communicate successfully during negotiations and presentations


To allow you to express yourself well via teleconferencing and through formal business correspondence


To promote international understanding and cross-cultural communication in the era of globalization

Our Services

Online English Communication Sessions

Communicate confidently, invest your time in a 6 “one hour” lessons with 80 % speaking practice on interesting topics. Develop your unique speaking style in English, expand your vocabulary, use idioms comfortably and understand the nuances of the language.


In-Company Business Presentation Workshop

This Four-part "tailor made" course will dive into the importance of a captivating introduction, meaningful content, impactful visuals and effective delivery, with only 6 participants and your very own video-taped presentation for future reference.


Table for 6 Food and Fun Conversation

What happens when you combine 6 interesting people, great food, delectable wine and a lively conversation in English? An unforgettable evening with new friends, sharing stories, drinking, laughing and using your newly acquired language. This will surely take you out of your comfort zone.


Personal Coach in English Writing For Exams (FCE, IELTS, TOEIC)

Come talk to us. We will create a manageable lesson plan so you can pass your exam. We will develop a strict schedule, exam practice online, as well as assist you with specific writing needs via google shared docs.

Job Seekers

We will help you create your cv as well as translate it from Spanish to English. An added bonus on creating “market target list” based on your industry, guidance on Human Resources matters and help with Interviewing Preparation. Opportunity may knock at your door unexpectedly and you will be ready.


Our Team

Cristina Ayson

PROGRAM DIRECTOR & Business English Advisor

Dolores Reyes

English Teacher, Creative Performer and a Mentor

Margarita Perfecto


Jorge Melar

FOUNDER and Information Technology Analyst


Some of our happy clients

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27 November, 2018
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Here comes Santa Claus... right down Santa Claus lane with his huge bag of gifts for children of all ages. We open our gifts, we love it and then we toss it away after a few years because it no longer serves its' purpose and it is soon forgotten. Social media, fast technology and global movement have moved our world...

30 May, 2018
A Fun Business English Communication Workshop

Spend one Saturday, three hours, 160 minutes to polish and practice your English, while building new connections and creating a priceless experience.   Polish your delivery on presentation, make yourself easily understandable, appear confident asking relevant questions, collaborate in pairs and group, and come...

24 March, 2018
Providing "one-stop services" that help clients cross the bridge from learning the language to applying it to everyday use

A special type of "one-stop services" that will cater to language learners of various languages will be offered through OutGoing Learning Experience through its new partnership with The Power of English Communication, a San Francisco based education consulting company with a strong presence in the Spanish market for...

2 December, 2018
How Effective are you in Conferences using Business English?

Where would be a good platform to test your Business English? There is a gamut of ways, places and avenues to see if you are truly able to communicate effectively in English. Attend a conference and observe the presentations of world leaders, experts, guru or a short presentation on various topics. If you are the...

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